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Meet your culinary hosts at the famous Rialto Bridge and join them for a first-hand tour of the Rialto Market! You'll meet the local produce vendors and fish mongers and learn how to select the fresh ingredients that you'll use in your hands-on cooking lesson following the market tour.

Market tour

Selecting the fresh ingredients at the Rialto Market

Once you've selected your ingredients, you'll walk back to a nearby Palazzo where you will enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson using the fresh ingredients you've just selected.

Client cooking

Preparing the fish for lunch

Students enjoying their lesson with Maria

Enjoying time in the kitchen!!

During your lesson you'll take a nice break to include a Venetian apertif, and your cooking lesson will conclude with a deliciously prepared and fresh meal based on the fruits of your labor. Wines will be served that complement the meal.

Preparing the pasta

Making fresh pasta

The finished product

Choice of one of the following 2 menus (other menus available on request):

Special requests considered for vegetarians or other dietary restrictions - please inquire at

EXAMPLE of Fresh Fish/Seafood Menu

  • Sarde in savor (Venetian-style sardines/pilchard with raisins, pine nuts and vinegar)
  • Risotto - Venetian Style (with fish)
  • Venetian style Sea bass with potatoes
  • Zabaglione Spumone with chocolate and almonds

OR Non Fish-Based Menu

  • Asparagus and potato cake
  • Homemade Pasta (Example: Cappelli del Prete with Pachino tomatoes)
  • Duck with artichoke (or chicken, as you prefer)
  • Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Additional meat options are available for those who do not eat duck


  • For 4 to 5 persons 195 euro per person
  • For 6 to 7 persons 185 euro per person
  • For 8 or 9 persons 175 euro per person
  • For 10 to 20 persons 145 euro per person

All lessons are private and require a minimum of 4 per class.

Guests who are not interested in cooking but would like to join their culinary partners for a meal following the cooking lesson will be charged 50% of the cooking lesson (per person).

Please note that this price does not include transportation, room and board or any other excursions.

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A non-refundable deposit of 33 euro (per person) is necessary to confirm your booking in a one day cooking lesson. The remaining balance is due upon arrival - paid in cash (euro only please). Once we receive your deposit, we will provide directions to the meeting point to begin your wonderful culinary adventure in Venice.

We also require a credit card number to reserve your placement. The credit card will not be charged for the remaining balance due unless we receive cancellation after the initial booking (upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit) and in this case, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the balance due in the event of a no show or cancellation for any reason.

Please note that no credit will be given for anyone who decides not to cook after the initial deposit is received, and the client will still be responsible for paying for the person if you do not show for class or decide that you no longer wish to participate. If the class is canceled by the school, your deposit will be returned in full less wiring fees, if applicable.

We highly advise you to purchase travel insurance in the event of emergency, illness, change in your itinerary, accident or act of God, which we are not responsible for covering. This includes missed transfers and connections and if the client is not able to find the driver, you agree to call the number provided in the confirmation letter and not hold us responsible for a missed transfer.

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