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Ciao Laura Gift Certiciates make fabulous holiday, anniversary, honeymoon, birthday or wedding gifts for your friends, family and business associates!

We are now offering gift certficates that may be purchased towards any of our cooking vacation packages, single cooking lesson, wine tasting or foodie excursions. Gift Certificates are available for the total amount of a trip, cooking class, vacation package, excursion or in any USD denomination starting at $25 USD or more.

Our gift certificates offer their lucky recipient the unique opportunity to spend a day or week in the company of friendly hosts and fellow travelers and the chance to enjoy authentic food and wine in some of the most wonderfully romantic and breathtaking settings in all of Italy. They most certainly will be treasured by their recipients for many years to come!

For Example

If the cost of a cooking class is 185 Euro, you may purchase a gift certificate for the entire amount of the class (converted into USD at time of purchase) or in the amount of $275 USD or any smaller amount you wish, beginning at $25. You may request a specific class for your guests or if you do not request a class, we will be happy to generate a personalized gift certificate in their name(s).

We are happy to send your gift certificate gift wrapped to its recipient or to you, along with a copy of a receipt. We are totally flexible, so please feel free to send us an email at to purchase your gift certificate today!

Terms of Purchase

All gift certificates are vaild for one year from purchase date and cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift certificates are non-refundable and any unused portion of the purchased gift certificate will not be refunded.

Gift certificates are redeemable, based on availability of cooking class and we cannot guarantee availability on a specific date until we receive your request and payment is made in full. It is always best to book your reservations in advance to guarantee placement on your preferred dates.

If you are purchasing a gift certificate in advance, we will be happy to reserve a specific date and class for your guests if payment is made in full. Changes can be made, if availability is confirmed on an alternate date.

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